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​​​We have all been to those weddings or funerals. You know, the ones where you scratch your head and say, "WHO are they talking about?" Or, "They said WHAT?" Where it became sadly clear that the officiant offered a rote, impersonal, "fill in the blanks" service that did not match the beliefs, values or personality of the honorees in any way, shape, or form. 

A Life Cycle Celebrant ceremony is different in many ways. In every way, it's ALL about YOU and the Wedding or the Memorial Celebration of Life you are planning. Working with me, you are empowered; nothing is imposed on you. Whether secular, spiritual, or nondenominational, the ceremony will be created with your collaboration and final approval. And each will include an original story I've carefully written - a Life Story or a Love Story - depending on the ceremony. 

As an experienced, educated and certified Life Cycle Celebrant, I will be your Ceremony Guide. I have had years of experience in event planning and a solid background in the history of ritual, ceremony and the diverse traditions of many cultures, beliefs and religions. I have been thoroughly trained in the delivery and vocal nuances of impactful ceremonial speaking and storytelling. As a certified Life Cycle Celebrant I will always officiate your ceremony in a personal, professional manner.

Together we can create, collaborate, and celebrate your special rite of passage with creative elements that reflect your values and beliefs, and resonate with you in an authentic, personal way. I want guests to leave saying it was the most touching, personal and genuinely original ceremony they had ever attended, and for you to feel the same. 

Together.... we can make it happen!


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