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 Pet Memorials

Part of the family....

My life has been filled with the love and companionship of many animals, beginning with the furry white bunny creatively named Whitey I proudly brought home from kindergarten. Soon it was kittens I would tote home in cardboard boxes and dogs with makeshift rope leashes. Today, my household is shared with two kitties and a wonderful shelter mix dog - all rescued animals. And in their own sweet way, they seem to know they were given another chance. And yes, they are each a beloved part of the family.

Through the years I have experienced heart wrenching pain and grief when my pets have died. It can be every bit as hard as when one loses a friend or family member. For many people, their pets ARE their family. Often people search for a way to thoughtfully remember their animal companion. A Pet Memorial service can fill this need.

As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, creating a special and affordable Pet Memorial ceremony is another service I offer. It allows everyone a chance to say good-bye to their beloved pet. To remember the love and experiences shared through pictures and storytelling. To honor the place in our hearts that will forever hold their memory close. 

If you have lost your family pet, your animal companion, my heart goes out to you. I know what a difficult time this is. If at some point you would like to plan a special Memorial service in their honor, I can create a ceremony that would be both meaningful to you and also capture the true essence and story of your beloved pet. It can be within days or measured in years. It can be whenever you are ready.