​​​​Congratulations! You're getting married!

But a generic, cookie cutter... fill-in-your-name ...  repeat after me vows ... sign your name here ... is certainly not the wedding of your dreams. You want a wedding ceremony that is creative, meaningful, personal and as unique as you and your beloved. A ceremony that just sings love ... your love!

                     And I can make that happen!

​As a Life-Cycle Celebrant my approach is different from many other officiants. I am a ceremony specialist. Giving personal service is key; crafting and officiating an original, custom ceremony that truly reflects your values, love and commitment in a genuine and thoughtful way is my promise.

Consider me as your personal Ceremony Guide! I can suggest elements to consider including such as readings or verse, music or vocals, meaningful rituals or symbolism, and helpful guidance if you choose to write your own vows. We'll collaborate and create a ceremony that authentically represents you and the person you have chosen to marry. Your ceremony will be exactly as you imagined. Maybe even better.

Perhaps your style is for a more formal and traditional ceremony, or maybe it's casually short and sweet. Perfect! Are you a couple who consider yourselves outside the box? We can creatively design an eclectic 'wedding without borders' ceremony to complement your personal style yet honor your union with meaningful, imaginative elements. 

I'm a writer and storyteller at heart. Every couple has a story just waiting to be told ... including yours! 

The creation and inclusion of your Love Story in the ceremony is the very distinctive and personal touch I bring as your Wedding Celebrant. Your personal Love Story is as original as the two of you and will be written with thoughtful attention.

You will have complete approval of the ceremony beforehand. No soapbox sermons or generic vows to surprise you. Just the ceremony we created together. And the best part? Knowing all the nuances of the ceremony will allow you to relax and thoroughly enjoy your wedding; to be fully in the moment during this rite of passage with the person you have chosen to marry. This is the gift I bring as your Wedding Celebrant.

I have a ceremony toolbox chock full of ideas to share. Together we will create a custom ceremony that is personal, meaningful and authentic. It can be as creative as you like, or as traditional. From adding a passionate Rumi verse to sharing a toast with your own home-brewed craft beer, the choice is completely up to you. Be it secular, spiritual or nondenominational, your wedding ceremony is truly your ceremony. 

​I respectfully serve ALL couples and am a proud LGBTQ+ ally. I would be honored to be your Celebrant.                                                                                                                   

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