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Elopement Ceremonies

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absolutely love to officiate small weddings.

Call it an elopement. Call it a wedding. It's simply two people who want to get married ... simply and small. Alone or sharing the moment with a chosen few. Without all the hoopla and a gaggle of guests, they have the starring roles sans the wedding drama. Perhaps surrounded by trees in a forest or atop a rooftop garden in the city, they want a ceremony that celebrates their union yet honors their style. Small. Personal. Private. Incredibly intimate. 

Finding couples the perfect place to be married, their little slice of heaven, is a sidekick to my love of officiating small weddings. Be it in Puget Sound or Portland, within a valley  of vineyards, aside a waterfall, or in the Columbia River Gorge, there are many wonderful places in Oregon to say "I DO!" Let's discover your perfect place together.​ You'll walk, dance or skip away married. And that's what it's all about!


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Small Intimate Weddings

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